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6 lb. monkey helps save over 30 tigers 

TV star Frankie the monkey makes debut in new show to save tigers  (Eureka Springs, AR) – February 28, 2013 – Intrigue Theater will have a benefit show for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) Wednesday March 13 at the Historic Gavioli at 8 p.m.

The performance will include the debut of a capuchin money named Frankie who has performed for audiences across North America, was featured on “America’s Got Talent” TV show and starred in Branson’s 2009 “Specialty Show of the Year.”

“We’ve been waiting for a special occasion to debut Frankie’s new role in the show and helping TCWR save big cats is ideal. We are amazed with the recent refuge effort to save over 30 lions and tigers from the Riverglen sanctuary, so we wanted to help in any way we could,” said Sean-Paul, show producer and star. “We love the idea of animals helping animals. After his March 13 appearance, Frankie will become an ongoing feature of the show,” added Sean-Paul.

US Government Spend 25 million dollars to train Soldiers to be Psychic!

At the ESP Conference on Jan 5th – Juliana Fay of Intrigue Theater – gives a presentation on the Remote Viewing Program that the CIA Developed during the cold war to Spy on Russia during the cold war.

[Full Story and video to come - subscribe to get story when released]

Gem Stones from Space!

What is it?

Exclusive Interview with Science Channel’s Meteorite Men star – Steve Arnold.

What is a Meteorite?  Is it a piece of cosmic rock that tumbles through space suddenly finding itself pulled into earth’s gravity field and burning up in the atmosphere creating a blaze in the sky?

Well – all of that is true except one thing –  a meteorite is not a rock, but rather a piece of asteroid comprised of IRON AND CRYSTAL. Yes Crystal!  Gem Stones harvested  from meteorites are worth much more than diamonds as they are  the 5thrarest crystal on Earth.    So in reality meteorites are Gemstones falling to earth from Space?  [story continued and video]


Sean-Paul to attempt Extraordinary Escape #2

[UPDATED - Accident during rehearsal!  Escape Pushed back to October 27th - 7pm Basin Spring Park]

Sean-Paul has agreed to be handcuffed and locked in a 40 gallon Milk Can filled with water and sealed and locked with 4 padlocks.

How long can you hold your breath?   That is how long Sean-Paul will have to escape.  His only option is to use a wrench inside to bang on the side of the can to signal his release.  If that is required – it might be too late.

[story continued and video]



Sean-Paul Survives 1st Extraordinary Escape!

(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — More than 300 wide-eyed witnesses saw a man dangling, tethered only by his ankles, from the top floor balcony of “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” today.  The reason for this peculiar human pendulum was the reenactment of Harry Houdini’s famous “straitjacket escape” by local illusionist and medium Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater.  This event was the kick-off of the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa’s “Month of Houdini” celebration.

[see full story by Mike Masterson of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ]



The Spirit Of Harry Houdini LIVES!

This Halloween night AT 10 pm – INTRIGUE THEATER will present a special performance called The INTRIGUE of HARRY HOUDINI – It will take place in the crystal Ballroom of the Crescent, America’s Most Haunted Hotel –The show will include the best segments of Intrigue theater and will end with a Séance to try to make contact with the Spirit of Harry Houdini.

“While there have been perhaps 100’s of Houdini séances in the past 86 years – we don’t know of one ever conducted in a place already as haunted as the Crescent Hotel.”, says Medium Juliana Fay of Intrigue Theater.

Click here to See the Video – Read the Full Story – and get a complimentary $15 pendulum to use at the Seance on Halloween Night.


Best Selling Author and Nationally acclaimed Psychic Michael Bondine Shares his experiences meeting a family of real vampires. Photo courtesy of http://www.eliteintphotography.com

Real Vampires in Wisconsin?

Are there REAL VAMPIRES out there?  Nationally-acclaimed psychic and author of “Growing up Psychic”

shares his encounter with a Family of REAL VAMPIRES!  We have the exclusive video interview with Michael Bodine and he lays out the entire story for us.

You will get instant access to this and other privately published and intriguing videos when you subscribe to our Free Weekly InBox Magazine.                                                                                        



5 pound Pet Monkey Learns to use the Toilet!

We have been living with our Monkey since March of 2002.   There have been many wonderful memories and plenty of challenges!   Like the fact that we need to change his diaper 8 times a day for more than 10 years!

Today – we tried to see if Frankie the monkey would use the toilet.   Apparently he knew exactly what to do.


Upcoming Interviews-

  • Messages from Ghosts  - Spiritualists gets signs from the other side and has physical evidence.
  • How to Make a Sasquatch
  • Norman Baker – Quack Cancer Doctor kills 300 
  • The Technology of Atlantis!